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Welcome to the Mormyridae LifeDesk!

This LifeDesk is a work in progress that will eventually provide (1) a classification reflecting the most recent published changes to mormyrid taxonomy, (2) a descriptive taxon page for each mormyrid genus and species that will include a photograph of the type specimen, (3) information on the electric organ discharge waveform (EOD) of each mormyrid species for which recordings exist, and (4) a bibliography that will include all original species descriptions and many other important works on mormyrids as downloadable PDF files. In addition to serving as a stand-alone resource, this LifeDesk will feed content directly into the Encyclopedia of Life (EOL).

Our goal is to make this LifeDesk the go-to online portal for research on mormryrids and their taxonomy, useful to the specialist and informative for the general public. Have something to contribute?  Become a member of this LifeDesk by sending an e-mail to jpsullivan65 (at) gmail (dot) com. Please check back often to keep track of our progress! 

Special thanks are due to EOL for supporting Dr. John Sullivan with a Rubenstein Fellowship in 2010, allowing him to assemble data for this LifeDesk while a Fulbright Scholar in D.R. Congo, and to ETI BioInformatics for making available W. Harders' photographs of mormyrid type specimens published in the CD-ROM "Mormyridae and other Osteoglossomorpha".

How to use this site:

If you know the name of the taxon you're searching for, use the search box (upper left corner of this window) or navigate through the classification (click "Show Classification" at the upper right corner of this page). Otherwise, start with the Mormryidae taxon page ("Mormyridae" link, top left) for an introduction to these fishes and a key to the genera.

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