Cyphomyrus Myers, 1960

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General Description

Original description of genus in Myers, G.S. (1960):

TYPE  SPECIES:  Marcusenius psittacus Boulenger. 

Dorsal fin origin situated definitely anterior to anal fin origin. Dorsal fin with more rays than anal fin, and with its base longer than that of anal fin. Base of anal fin over half as long as base of dorsal fin. Mouth definitely inferior, or the chin with a short bulbous protuberance which hides the essentially inferior position of the mouth. Teeth present only in the middle of the jaws, the median symphysial pair in the lower jaw not greatly enlarged. Body compact, deep, compressed, predorsal profile of the back convex or humped. Origin of pelvic fins closer to base of pectoral fin than to origin of anal fin. Gill openings restricted, not extending below base of pelvic fin. Vertebrae 50 or fewer.

The name is derived from kuphos (Greek), a hunchback, and muros (Greek),
the often-used combining form of mormuros, a kind of fish, later transferred to mormyr, an Egyptian mormyrid.

Author(s): Myers, G.S.
Rights holder(s): Myers, G.S.


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